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Emo Mania

Can we blame Coach for general life suckage? Oh well, I am.

List of crap things about today:
Despite starting of bright and sunshiney, with excellent happy prospects, today was ridiculously crap. I wish I could attribute this to the fact that maths was the first class, alas no. Maths was perhaps the only class that did not drive me crazy. I ended up getting all annoyed in extension, which is crappy cause I generally love extension. Anyway, now I realise all that doesn't matter. Things looked up in modern when it became a nametag making session, supplies supplied by ms leclerc who turns out to be really sweet and i think it sucks that so many people hate her. Things then took a down turn after a little "tiff" between lil, me and sharne, it kind of went nowhere and sorted itself out. English was lame because it was lacking Vinesy, plus Sharne called me a bitch *several* times; although it was probably very true. Tonight I had to work. There are like no dresses around in my size which drives me crazy also.

And to top it off: a really bad hair day :(
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