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I blame Coach for making me become a teacher!

Ms Cranky Pants, beautiful, brilliant and poverty-stricken, with a messy home and vicious disposition, seemed to unite some of the most hideous facial expressions in existence; and had lived nearly thirty years in the wold with much to distress and vex her.

She was the youngest of the two daughters of a most daft, deafened father, and had, in consequence of her sister's forthcoming marriage, a splitting headache.

For those of you not familiar with Our Jane's work I will skip to the chase. I am seriously over marking your essays, so i was thinking that perhaps you could whip up a little petition begging for them never to be returned and we could just have a ceremonial bonfire instead?

Oh, and I was wondering if any of you had read A Doll's House yet? How about Portrait?

Well, now that I've spread the pain around, I'll leave you all to it.
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